FAQ – Landlords help center

Registration & Display

What sort of guests does normally book objects during exhibition periods?

There are two types of bookers: exhibitors and visitors. Booking periods normally last between one and ten nights. If the landlord declares: “I want to rent out my object during the entire exhibition period!” it may lead to the fact that your object will not be rented out at all. If the guests want to book your objects for fewer nights your object will not be displayed in the search results list.

Which information will be transmitted if I sign in with my facebook, twitter, Google+ etc account?

When signing in to our online booking system with your facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. account you will be asked initially if you would like to register as a guest or as a landlord. For the following registration process the information that is transmitted from the third party account is only the information to whose transmission you agreed beforehand in the settings of the third party account. Concerning the usage of social plug-ins on our homepage the third party possibly will be informed about your visit on our homepage in case you already have an existing user account with the third party.

Which of my contact details and which object data will be shown online?

For your own safety and for data security reasons it is only the street name of the street in which your object is located that will be displayed online. Only the voucher which the guests receives per E-Mail shows your house number, your first name and your last name as well as your phone number.

How can my object be placed more up in the search results list?

There is only one possibility how your object can be placed more up in the search results list or on one of the previous search results page: You send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de informing us that you agree to a price cut for your object. Cheaper objects are automatically placed higher in the search results list of the object ranking because the regular display of objects is ranked by final prices. As your object is always in indirect competition with all other objects available it is very useful to adapt your prices with the result of your object being placed more up in the results list.

How and for how long my basic contract will be extended?

Your basic contract extends tacitly for one year after the first contract year. Henceforth, it can be cancelled daily in written form.