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Longterm rentals for furbished apartments

Longterm rentals for furbished apartments

Object search

Use the search filters by clicking on the button “Detailed search” in order to find out the distance from the object to the city center, to the exhibition ground or to the next metro station. We try to provide our guests maximum comfort and the highest degree of information. Partly you can enter the apartments virtually by watching the videos.

Inquiry for longterm rentals

With reference to longterm rentals please send us an inquiry. Your inquiry can also refer to several objects.

How does a contect for a longterm rental look like?

The rental contract is composed individually and it is always written in German. We try to fulfil all needs of both parties (landlord and tenant).

The key hand-over

The keys will be handed over in the presence of the landlord. All special conditions and all possible object defects will be noted down in a take-over record.

House/apartment/room payment

For longterm rentals the rent has to be paid automatically every month onto the landlord’s bank account. Special agreements can also be made between the two parties. CONZEPTplus OHG receives a commission fee that is only due one time after signing the contract.

Commission scale

Our commission is scaled like the displayed in the following chart:

in % of a monthly rate
(19 % VAT)
Up to 1 month:
Up to 2 months:
Up to 3 months:
Up to 4 months:
Up to 5 months:
Up to 6 months:
Up to 8 months:
Up to 10 months:
Up to 12 months:
Up to 12 months:
25 %
40 %
50 %
60 %
75 %
90 %
105 %
120 %
135 %
150 %
+ 19% VAT = 29,75%
+ 19% VAT = 47,60%
+ 19% VAT = 59,50%
+ 19% VAT = 71,40%
+ 19% VAT = 89,25%
+ 19% VAT = 107,10%
+ 19% VAT = 124,95%
+ 19% VAT = 142,80%
+ 19% VAT = 160,65%
+ 19% VAT = 178,50%

The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail after signing the contract. The invoice amount has to be paid within the next 14 days. We accept credit card payments, bank account transfers or cash payments.

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